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Solaris Humanus

Shield / Cloak Status: ONLINE -
The station's shield holographic projector is Lopy.

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To help reduce the confusion
of the change over to the new board
structure with Yuku / Taptalk, and
search for help from Yuku / Taptalk, I'm
compiling a series of links, and WILL
post those links - in a thread in the
Help Portal, but will leave the link here
for quick and easy access, at least for
a little while. When a link shows up
here, then you'll know its done.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

For those visiting the board if you would
like to join us in a counting thread, and use
that count number to share what happened
in history, join us in the Help Portal
and click The "Disappearing Posts 2" thread.

For those who are creative in their questions: Silly Question Thread

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Our member's weekly pick of an animation:

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